Hakka “The Jews among the Chinese”

“White people are so fucking selfish. They will never sacrifice anything. They will never give to their brothers and sisters. Each and every one lives for themselves.” I called up Alexander Chou again.… Continue reading

Asians are not safe in South Africa

“Most of the Asians in South Africa came here to make a killing and then leave. They are the type of people who will go anywhere, regardless of their circumstances and do what… Continue reading

The spirit of hope (Audio)

Over lunch yesterday I spoke to Alexander Chou, a Taiwanese diplomat at the Taipei Liaison Office in RSA. This is a recording of a part of our conversation that really stayed with me… Continue reading

Chinese culture and what my face says about me

Finally I found a Chinese small business owner who is willing to talk to me! I feel like the chains have been lifted from my shoulders. Chains which have been weighing me down… Continue reading

“No rules” in Chinese trade

Friday started on a sour note when Clarke, the Chinese owner of a store that sells kitchen equipment in Cyrildene, cancelled our appointment. He had agreed to have an interview with me today… Continue reading

Snake wine for sexy time

No amount of champagne, oysters or horny goat weed can compete with this age old Chinese aphrodisiac. Snake rice-wine mixed with roots and herbs that have been preserved for several years taken in… Continue reading

Finding my inner cat

“Have you ever seen a cat try to get to a piece of biltong?” Nechama Brodie, my in-depth project mentor said this to our class today and for some reason I can’t get… Continue reading

A crane amidst a flock of chickens

“Don’t waste my time” was the response I got today. I headed to Chinatown in Cyrildene for an interview with Michael, the shop owner of Yat Kee Supermarket. My goal was to gather… Continue reading

Out of my depth?

The Wits journalism honours, in-depth project has officially kicked off with the theme: Chinese in Johannesburg. I have been assigned to a group with the topic: Work and play of the Chinese community… Continue reading

A step back in media freedom for Pukke paper

The journalists at Wapad, the student paper of North West University’s Potchefstroom campus, said a decision to ban their publication is part of a plan to control media distributed on campus. On Monday, Pukke’s… Continue reading