Editorial: And that’s all folks

  Emotions are at an all time high, tempers are flaring and stress levels are increasing by the day. It’s crunch time for every student in South Africa, finishing off a year of… Continue reading

Rupert Taylor in Wiki wars

Controversy around the dismissal of former politics professor Rupert Taylor has continued to his Wikipedia page which has been changed more than 50 times in the past two weeks by rival editors. Taylor… Continue reading

Mr Bones and secret bones

Wits Human Evolution Research Professor Lee Berger (@LeeRberger) announced a breakthrough discovery made in the Cradle of Humankind on Wednesday. A team of six specialised archaeologists have uncovered evidence of early human fossil remains.… Continue reading

The truth of journalism: A wonderful shield and a powerful sword.

New York Times journalist, David Barstow, gave a seminar called Dancing with Elephants: The power of Walmart and other huge corporate companies and their relationship with journalism. Three times winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting,… Continue reading

Naming and shaming

MEDIA Monitoring Africa’s William Bird and his IT partner Billy Einkamerer have introduced a new website that aims to restore “truth to journalism”. The site, newstools.co.za, will buckle down on the trend of “churnalism”, a word combining… Continue reading

Drugs for kids: “How to sell a disease”

French journalist, Luc Hermann has made a career out of deconstructing “spin”. Hermann, (@LucHermann) talked yesterday about how big pharmaceutical companies sell their drugs at Power Reporting: The African Investigative Journalism Conference. Hermann’s 90-minute CNN documentary: How… Continue reading

In-depth project reflection

Within the theme Chinese in Johannesburg I was assigned the topic: Work and Play. I chose to write an article that focused on small Chinese businesses in Johannesburg, the owners of these businesses… Continue reading

The pleasure traveller

At the Nan Hua Temple in Bronkhorstspruit [you can read the article here], we interviewed a monk, Master/Ven Hui Xing. We sat at a table at the temple’s restaurant and on it was a… Continue reading

Wits Vuvuzela wins top prize | Wits Vuvuzela

Wits Vuvuzela wins top prize | Wits Vuvuzela. by Nokuthula Manyathi October 16, 2013   THE WINNING TEAM: Wits Vuvuzela has been awarded the vice-chancellor’s award for transformation for their work in exposing sexual… Continue reading

Without light there is no life

The things my eyes have seen today!  Some members of #teamvuvu and I took a road trip to Bronkhorstspruit, about one hours’ drive outside of Johannesburg to visit the Nan Hua Temple.  I… Continue reading